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-------Welcome To The 2014 WNYOA Harescramble Series------ Next Event, January 24, 2015, WNYOA 2014 Season Banquet . -------- Scroll Down This Page For More Information -------

"Hi Everyone, the unadilla results are now posted. If you do NOT agree with your finish position you need to see/notify the SCOREKEEPER, Katrina Spicer, by the end of the day Monday, 10/20. After that all scores will be final. Her email is damkjs@yahoo.com. OR you can speak with her at the side door of the scoring trailer at the race this weekend. PLEASE do not ask me as i have NO CONTROL over scoring... I simply post the data that is provided to me by scoring.

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Dear WNYOA mini quad riders,

It has been brought to our attention & confirmed that some machines are not in the proper engine displacement in the mini quad classes. So we are putting this info to everyone concerned, that it must be correct by this next race at KnobbyAcre's, & stay correct. The class displacements are as follows: 71-90cc two stroke and 71-125 four stroke. If you have an engine that is out side of this range you can NOT race in the mini quad race. When you filled out your membership application it had the class classifications on there so this should not be a surprise to anyone. This will be check & monitored so please comply and enjoy the rest of your season.
Thank you
Jim Steiner
WNYOA ref  Posted 7/22/14



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